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Does Virtual Hypnosis Really Work?

Do you ever feel that something is holding you back in life? Maybe you’re having trouble getting motivated or want to step into a better version of yourself. If so, virtual hypnosis might be able to help.


So how does virtual hypnosis work? It’s actually pretty simple. And my clients love being able to take their hypnotherapy sessions from the comfort of their homes.


One big takeaway from the pandemic, among many, was that appointments can be taken virtually, and hypnosis is no different!


Let’s talk about virtual hypnosis – how it works, and some of my go-to tips to have the best Hypno session!



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Grab a warm drink, while you learn about virtual hypnotherapy!

Does Virtual Hypnosis Work

All of my hypnotherapy sessions are held virtually over Zoom. So, naturally, one of the questions I get asked often is, “Does virtual hypnosis actually work?”


Since hypnotherapy is a state of mind, the short answer is yes! Hypnosis works great virtually.


I would even argue that hypnosis works BEST virtually!


The more comfortable a person is, the easier they fall into a hypnotic state.


Virtual hypnosis sessions are amazing because they remove the client’s barrier to being comfortable in the space. Being in a familiar, comfortable space (like your own bed) makes it easier to fall into calm, dreamy, meditative states that are important for hypnotherapy.


Almost all my clients take their sessions from the comfort of their own beds! They set up the ambiance to their preferences and come into the session feeling calm and relaxed.


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Creating a cozy space is important for a great virtual hypnosis session. Cozy blankets are encouraged!


The Benefits of Virtual Hypnosis

There are two main benefits of virtual hypnosis.

The first benefit is being comfortable in your own space.

The second benefit is that you aren’t limited to hypnotherapists in your local area. You have more choices to work with a therapist located anywhere in the world! Like me, for instance!


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This is me, Christina! I’m a hypnotherapist and past life regression specialist.


How to Prepare Yourself Before a Virtual Hypnosis Session


To make the most of your virtual hypnosis session, prepare yourself before your session. This includes getting enough sleep, eating well, and preparing your session space.


I suggest my clients get grounded before their session. Meditating an hour before your session is the perfect way to get grounded and calm. I have a free walking meditation linked here! I send it to my clients before their session, so it’s been tried, tested, and works!


Other helpful tips for a successful virtual hypnosis session:

  • Avoid caffeine 5 hours prior to your session (12 hours, if possible).
  • Get a good pair of wireless headphones.
  • Create a comfortable, safe space where you can express yourself freely without interruption.
  • Make sure you have an awesome wifi connection.
  • Have tissues nearby (just in case).
  • Bring a journal or pen and paper for post-session notes.


photo of a woman writing in a journal

Journaling before and after a hypnotherapy session is encouraged. This helps to ground you and helps you set intentions for your session!


Hypnosis works best when you are lying down.


So choose a place where your head can rest comfortably without needing to hold or prop a phone or laptop up. I need to see you while we’re on our virtual call, so the best way to achieve this is to find a spot to prop your device and use wireless headphones. A cozy blanket is also recommended!


Some clients prop their phones up so I can see them and wear headphones so they can hear my guidance.


I’ve had other clients lie on their beds with their laptops beside them with the camera pointed at them while wearing headphones.


Both of these scenarios work. The key here is comfort!


The more comfortable you are (and not worrying about anything), the better your session will go.

And I want you to have an AMAZING HYPNO SESSION!


photo of a laptop facing a couch for a virtual hypnosis session

This setup is perfect for virtual hypnotherapy! With the laptop propped toward the head of the couch, I can see my client, and keep them engaged.


Why Should You Try Hypnosis?


I’ve experienced and witnessed firsthand the expansive shifts that can happen in a single virtual hypnosis session. I think everyone can benefit or learn something about themselves from a Hypnotherapy session.


Many of my clients say they feel stuck, confused, or blocked when we first meet. This can be from living in a fast-paced world that demands constant attention. It can also be from subconscious thoughts holding them back, traumas from a past life that hasn’t been explored, the list is endless.


In hypnotherapy, we get to the root cause of any issues by accessing the subconscious mind and reframing negative thoughts with positive changes. These new positive changes are made at the subconscious level, where our deeply held beliefs are stored. Once we access and reframe those thoughts, incredible shifts can happen!


(read that above paragraph again – it’s the core of hypnotherapy in its simplest form.)


Whether you want to uncover limiting beliefs, gain clarity, or even drop a bad habit, hypnotherapy can certainly help!


photo of a woman meditating

If you’re ready to go beyond meditating, and get to the core of your limiting beliefs, you’re in the right place!


If you’re here, I’m guessing you’re curious to know how you could benefit. That’s your inner knowing piquing your curiosity, and that’s a big step! Congratulations!!


If you feel led to read more, you can check out my previous blog on the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


While you’re here, go ahead and download my free walking meditation, and let me know what you think!


If you’re ready to book your session, I can’t wait to meet you virtually and help you get clarity!


Until next time, stay centered, my friend.


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