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Inner Child Healing to Bring Back Your Intuitive Gifts

Ever feel an inkling that you’re meant for more? These feelings could be parts of your inner child’s intuition and gifts that have been suppressed. In this blog, you’ll find ways to navigate inner child healing so you can bring back your intuitive gifts and tap into that beautiful light you were born with!


So how do you get back into a calm place of peace, heal your inner child, and reconnect with the younger intuitive version of yourself?


Let’s discuss! Stick around to the end for info on a video hypnosis on inner child healing!


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What Is The Inner Child


Your inner child is a part of your subconscious mind. Essentially it’s formed patterns of thinking you picked up through behaviors modeled to you as a child.


When we’re younger, we typically have a beautiful inner light, gifts, and powers that feel magical.


But if someone in your life invalidates those gifts, especially if that person is someone who is a role model (mom, dad, grandparent), you may turn off the gifts.


When feelings are invalidated, or physical needs aren’t met as a child, inner child wounds are created. And these wounds hinder the intuitive gifts that you were born with.


The way you’re living today is deeply connected to the way you were raised as a child.


When you hear the phrase, “Everything is connected,” Inner Child Wounds are no exception.


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By healing your inner child and reconnecting with your inner light, you CAN experience freedom and clarity!



What Inner Child Wounds Can Look Like


This is a little tricky to give an exact answer because inner child wounds show up differently for everyone.


Inner child wounds can manifest as being impulsive or people-pleasing. They can also show up as feelings of unworthiness, self-sabotaging, having a fear of being alone, binge eating, and even substance abuse.


The list is endless, but you get the idea. It’s a little different for everyone, so the outward expression is different for everyone.




How to Navigate Inner Child Healing

Inner child healing can be done in many different ways, my favorite way being with hypnosis!


In hypnotherapy, we can go back and meet the younger version of you, recognize their inner light, and then you can walk forward with the intuitive gifts you were born with. It’s a beautiful way to validate the experience that you did have an inner light, it just got dimmed by the people around you that invalidated your experiences as a child.


Before you embark on your healing journey, create a safe space (emotionally and physically), and try to have a support system in place. A solid support system could be a friend, family, partner, or therapist. Even if you just have one person to talk openly about your healing journey with, it will be a tool to have.


Okay – moving on to the nitty gritty. Time to recall memories of your childhood!


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If you have old photos of yourself, pull those out and examine them to really get in touch with your inner child. Try to look at your childhood photos without judgment and simply notice.


Use your senses and try to recall who you were as a child.


What did you like to do? What do you remember about your old house and your childhood friends? What mannerisms did you have as a child? Did you bite your nails and feel anxious? Were you shy or outgoing? How was your self-esteem?


When you recall thoughts and feelings you had at a younger age, remind yourself that you’re safe now and you’re healing. Connect and send love to your inner child.


It can also be super helpful to write a letter to a younger you, expressing empathy and understanding. When you write to your younger self as a regular practice, you’ll see dramatic healing. And the really cool part? You can re-read these journal entries and see how far you’ve come in your healing journey!


In your healing, you’ll reconnect with your inner child and see how much light and love you organically brought into this world. This is a powerful way to give yourself the love and admiration you deserve while letting go of any barriers.


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If you’re able to journal, it can be a great tool for reflection.


Re-Align With Your Intuitive Gifts


As children, we’re deeply connected to our sacral chakra, a place of pure joy. When you think of childhood joy, you might recall running barefoot in the grass, staying out late in the summertime catching fireflies, or eating ice cream on a hot day at the pool. If those moments feel joyous to you, your sacral chakra was engaged!


Sometimes we dial down our psychic abilities as a child, which also causes us to dim our sacral chakra power.


An example of this could be confiding in a parent about seeing a monster or seeing something unusual. If the parent brushes it off as your imagination running wild, you will begin to doubt what you see and dial down your psychic abilities and gifts. This is just one example of how an inner wound can begin.


When we hear things like this on repeat, our subconscious mind creates an inner dialogue that leads us to stray from our inner knowing – and creates inner child wounds.


But all isn’t lost! Tuning into your gifts is still possible! 


The key to healing is to calm down the nervous system, so you can trust your intuition.



Tips to Help Recharge Your Intuitive Gifts

  1. Hypnotherapy from a therapist experienced in inner child healing. (Like me, for instance!)
  2. Meditate each day, even if it’s only for 2 minutes before bed, to call back your energy. This helps to calm the nervous system. (Quick mantra listed below because I know meditation can feel like a large undertaking at first).
  3. Journal. Make a list of things you’re grateful for, a list of things you want to manifest, and any new discoveries you’ve made about your inner child healing.
  4. Ask The Universe for Signs. Ask the universe to show you a very specific sign to let you know you’re on the right path. When it happens, it’ll make you even more excited to continue!
  5. Move your body. Movement helps to release stagnant energy that may be stored in the body.
  6. Get into Nature! Mother Nature is one of our greatest teachers and healers.
  7. Notice synchronicities and repeating patterns. Once you see them, you’ll notice them everywhere!
  8. Write love letters (genuine LOVE letters) to younger you. This can be a beautiful cathartic practice to allow you to move into your true intuitive gifts.
  9. Practice trusting yourself. Easier said than done – but follow your gut instincts. They’re there for a reason!
  10. Surround yourself with friends that are like-minded and won’t invalidate you or your feelings. 


Getting yourself into nature can help you tune into your psychic abilities and calm your nervous system.


Quick Mantra Tip:

Here’s a quick mantra to say to yourself before bed each night: “I bring all my energy back to me. All the energy through the day, the night, and my life comes back to me. My energy is safe with me.”

While you recite this mantra (silently or aloud), picture all the little bits of energy moving back into your auric space.


photo of two moms practicing meditation with their child

If you’re a parent, try including your child with your inner child healing activities!


Healing your inner child’s wounds is totally possible! And it’s a beautiful journey, especially once you embrace your past and reconcile it with your future!


Inner Child Healing Workshop!

I’d love to help you on your healing journey, which is why I worked with The High Priestess of Brooklyn to create an inner child healing workshop. It’s a mix of astrology, tarot, and inner child hypnosis you can listen to.


We wanted to make this as accessible to everyone as we could, so it’s on a pay-what-you-can donation basis. You can find it at the link below. If you try it out, we’d LOVE to hear what you thought!




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You can also follow me on TikTok, where I’m most active on social media!

I love to connect with my audience there, learn what you’re struggling with, and help by answering your questions!


Sending you lots of love on your healing journey!

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